We are always asked if it was possible to make existing bikes reflective. Yes, absolutely! That’s how we started in the first place and what makes our job so exciting. To transform an old ride into something new, making individual desires come true… it’s great!

If you are interested in a Reflective Makeover for your bike we offer various custom solutions, starting with a reflective design for your spokes, up to a fully reflective design for your complete frame.

Spoke Design

A very effective way to gain more visibility is getting at least some of your spokes covered with our reflective material. Depending on your spoke pattern and the use of reflective colors, great effects can be achieved.

Under regular circumstances we are able to customise a complete wheelset within 48 hours, starting from 49€.

Reflective Add-Ons

This is the option for cyclists that like to keep the overall look of their bike but want to add some reflective details at certain parts of the frame. We design and apply a reflective kit that takes into account your frame measurements and geometry, color aspects, original design and, of course, your individual requests.

Some people prefer a subtle customisation with the mere focus on visibility, some like to add an actual design that pops out even by day. Either way, prices start at 79€ for your individual Add-Ons.

Reflective Makeover

A fully reflective bicycle is what you want? This premium option gives you all the possibilities to design your very own reflective frame from scratch. You chose the color(s), add details like logos, writings or other personal features and we are very happy to assist you honestly in your decision making process to find what you are looking for.

Costs are modular and vary based on the preparatory work you are able to achieve in advance on the one hand, and how resilient you want your frame to be under outdoor conditions on the other.

Here is the single steps:

Disassemble bike + prepare frame

Sandblasting only

Sandblasting + Powdercoating
Powdercoating is recommended for 100% anti-corrosion and higher resilience

Reflective Design Work
Reflective film applied by hand onto the frame

Clear Coat
Not only protects the reflective work but adds a smooth finish

Build Up + Maintenance
Components cleaned and maintained, for a bike that looks and feels new

*Services 2 and 4 are done externally by our partners. The costs for these services are simply passed on to the customer including a minimum transportation fee.

Let’s go through a few scenarios to make this pricetable a bit clearer:

a) You are coming in with your complete bicycle. We are taking care of the whole process, meaning dismantling the bike and putting it back together after, plus bringing the frame to our external partners that do sandblasting, powdercoating and varnishing. You are chosing a powdercoat to be 100% anti-corrosive and you are going for a one-color reflective design. The whole package will cost you 550€.

b) You are handing over a frame that is already sandblasted or newly painted/powdercoated. You are going for a more complex reflective design that involves 2 colors and a print. We agreed on 250€ for the reflective work. That will be all, because you chose not to get a clear coat after all and you will build up the bike yourself.