Vöslauer Corporate Bikes

7th Jun

Sienna Miller is great in Yoga. And Happarel Bicycles does great custom bicycles, also non-reflective if requested.

That’s why we were asked to build a fleet of corporate bicycles for austrian producer of mineral water Vöslauer which happens to have Sienna Miller as their ambassador for health and eternal youth. We re-painted and branded a bunch of cargobikes for their upcoming promotional events throughout germany.

Vöslauer Corporate Bikes, Happarel bicycles

Vöslauer Corporate Bikes, Happarel bicyclesWe wanna thank Vöslauer for their trust in our thorough work and wish them all the best of luck with their promo events!

If you need your own fleet of branded corporate bikes, well, come see us.

Vöslauer Corporate Bike, Front Wooden Box, Happarel bicycles

Support #Radentscheid!

16th Apr

As many many other Berliners we support the Team around the Initiative Volksentscheid Fahrrad. The past 3 months they developed an elaborate law for a cycle friendly and healthy turn in our current transportation policy. Less cars, more bikes, better safety on the roads, cleaner air, less stress, better quality of living.

Happarel Bicycles Volksentscheid reflective buttons

Reflective Buttons: 5€ for #Radentscheid!

We made Reflective Buttons that you can buy for a bargain of 5 Euro which get forwarded as a donation straight to the Initiative in order to support the important work they are doing.

Make a statement, show your support, be visible! All at once, wow!

We also made a whole bunch of other super nice Reflective Buttons with all kind of designs and funky colors.

Our new 2016 Models

22nd Mar

We are just back from this year’s Berliner Fahrradschau with a great feeling that our Reflective Bicycles and also our range of Do-It-Yourself Sticker Kits generated so much good feedback. After tidying up our actual shop at Hermannplatz, we now found the time to put our bikes up for grabs in our virtual store.

For those who weren’t there this weekend to have a glimpse on our new models, let us present to you Classic and Tattoo.

Happarel Reflective Bicycle Classic, split

The CLASSIC got some upgrades: for dark nights we attached super strong Supernova lights powered still by a Shutter PV-8 dynamo hub. Rainy days aren’t a problem no more with the shiny chrome mudguards we fit. Two gears and a brake, but no cable at all? Works, with a 2-Gear Kickshift by Sturmey Archer with integrated coaster brake. A Gyes leather saddle and handmade leather grips made in England tie the whole bike together. A classic look, subtle and elegant, sporty ride non the less, available in 7 other colors if you fancy more attention.

Happarel Bicycles Reflective Tattoo, split

But then you might go for the TATTOO straight away. You should have seen people’s faces when they saw the bike at the fair. Even without the reflection it gained so many compliments and stares. The frame has a track geometry pimped with a classic style chrome fork, handbuilt Halo Aerotrack rims and smooth Halo hubs, Brooks Cambium and solid Sugino crankset. What you ride is a machine, what you see is one of the coolest designs we ever developed. Also comes in the color of your choice.


If you have any requests regarding the setup of the bike or custom design details, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Long Night of the Bike Shops

12th Mar

We are all settled for the Berlin Bicycle Week. Are you? This Tuesday 15th we invite you to our workshop in Kreuzberg as part of the Long Night of the Bike Shops. Last chance to order your custom reflective sticker for free! Until tomorrow we need your info what shall be written on your personal sticker that you goin to pick up on tuesday in our shop. Drop us a line here.

Our event is definitely worth a visit anyways. We have so many mindblowing things for pleasuring all of your senses: eclectic music, guerilla visuals, exquisite food and cold drinks. Listen to liveacts, watch mobile projections, eat dumplings and grab a cold beverage.

Public broadcasters from RBB will pay us a visit. So put on your brightest smile and stay a while!

Velo 3rd Gear

3rd Mar

Next week, march 8th, publishing company gestalten releases its latest edition of its book about bike culture. “Velo 3rd Gear” introduces the world’s best bikes along with their makers and related products. As part of this release you will find Happarel Bicycles featured among other amazing bike artisans.

Velo 3rd Gear book

Celebration day of the book release happens to be the opening party of this year’s Berlin Bicycle Week at the same time. On march 14th gestalten hosts the event in their space in Sophienstr in Berlin Mitte. Happarel Bicycles will exhibit one of their Reflective Bicycles for the period of the Bicycle Week inside the gestalten showroom. It’s going to be a good start of the week.

If you wanna pre-order the book with us, go ahead!

Facebook Event here:


Reel Voyagers – The Series

2nd Feb

riding happarel reflective bicycleWe are in love with the arty work of Martin Mostert from 4bc productions who is responsible for most of our photos and videos. Fortunately he likewise is totally into our bikes. Our latest idea involves a series of videos that has basically only one setting: our kitchen equipped with a bike trainer. This will be the base of all six 1-minute-vids which we will release week by week from today. Our series which we call “Reel Voyagers” consists of 6 episodes: 6 different bikes, 6 different themes. Sounds boring? Only if you have no imagination. Well, we don’t want to spoil you already, but it is going to be… eh… sick!

It happens that in 6 weeks from now our beloved city will host the coolest bike fair we know: the Berliner Fahrradschau. More infos concerning the exhibition and the Berlin Bicycles Week will follow in another post soon. At the Fahrradschau the whole thing results – whoop, you might have guessed it – in the premiere of the full short film combining all 6 episodes. We are currently trying to get the Berlin based Electronica Crew Various Vegetables to provide for the music for our series. We are prepared to delight the bike crowd not only with our bicycleporn items, but also with a few minutes of great audiovisual pleasure.

Enough said, here is our first episode:

Reflective Mask for your Child’s Seat

25th Jan

reflective sticker, inca mask design, for child seat, by happarel bicycles


Cycling get’s a bit easier now since all that snow is melting and you don’t need to cover every single part of your body to not freeze to death. But the dark days are not over yet.

Especially when you are a young parent with your kid on the back of your bike you might want to have a bit of extra visibility. That’s why we came up with the reflective baby seat sticker. Inspired by an old inca mask we designed this friendly face to be stuck on the rear of your child carrier seat.

reflective sticker for child seat, by happarel bicycles

It comes in black (the subtle option for your black seat which you only see when it reflects), orange, white or red.

Ride safe, protect your kid.

Beach Cruiser

6th Jan


Inspired by dots-to-lines tattoo art, our latest reflective custom order turned out to be a pretty extensive job, but the result proves that is was truly worth it.

There has been lots of design work involved to meet his desires and the corporate appearance of the brand chopbar catering. So the interaction went on until both of us were convinced to start the actual reflective work on the frame.

This beach cruiser frame is yet another example that Happarel Bicycles work on all kinds of bikes and that we can find the right style for every ride.

We are excited how the final setup of the full bike will look like. Maybe we will be involved in the build-up as well, who knows. For now, this piece is enriching our portfolio of reflective makeovers that we once more almost did not want to give out of our hands anymore.



reflective makeover tattoo design, dots-to-lines, by Happarel Bicycles




Winter Cycling Clothes

29th Dec

Protect your vital functions

Yep ok, it has been pretty warm and we saw lilies, daisies and crocuses coming out of the soil, these unfortunate misguided fellows. But we know, winter will strike back!

For the cold days that are yet to come, cyclists need to keep their body parts warm when cruising the city, preferably without losing their sense of a fashionable appearance. Yes, we are speaking of neon jackets, yellow vests and other ugly things.

Luckily we bumped into the collection of czech cycle wear producers segrasegra that have a bunch of great looking and practical clothes. We got ourselves an awesome winter parka which won our hearts through its warm fleece on the inside, recycled tubes for stronger seams, reflective details and a cosy long cut to keep the thighs warm. We dig it. Check out their collection and if you find something, drop us a line and we might arrange to try it in our shop.

winter parka by segrasegra with happarel bicycle

segrasegra winter parka & happarel classic reflective bicycle

segrasegra elevator

navy parka, winter cap, and classic bike

We are also ready to release our new winter edition bike caps. We sourced finest fabrics with classic tweed patterns. They are thick enough to protect your precious brains from freezing, but they still look super classy. One can say that they remind of traditional “Schiebermützen“, flat caps, used by german lead workers in the Thirties.

Preorder Mr. ‘Watson‘ or Sir ‘Herringbone‘ by simply dropping us a line and get 10% discount if you do so until 10th January.

Tweed Cap Herringbone by Happarel BicyclesHerringbone Cycle Cap from the back, by Happarel bicycles

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