reflective stickers, golden, different geometries, by happarel bicycles
collection of reflective stickers, gold, by Happarel Bicyclesreflective sticker collection in gold, by Happarel Bicyclesreflective star stickers, gold, by happarel bicyclescollection of reflective stickers, gold, by Happarel Bicycles

Golden Babuschkas

 9.90  5.00

Limited edition golden reflective stickers in simple geometric shapes. Play with the different sizes of the same exact form. While stock lasts.


Product Description

Praise the golden babuschka!

All-weather film designed to be stuck wherever it will raise your visibility. Included in the package are instructions and a transparent application film for easy use. Decorate your mode of transport, your helmet, your laptop, or whatever you want to make reflective!

The Reflective Decals are designed and machine-cut in the Happarel Workshop. They look amazing when applied to bike frames. We figured the decals would look even better when they’re screenprinted for a unique, textured look.

We are always coming up with new design ideas for our reflective stickers. For your own ideas, get in touch with us.

Additional Information


Circle, Cloud, Cross, Diamond, Drop, Square, Star, Triangle


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