Beach Cruiser


Inspired by dots-to-lines tattoo art, our latest reflective custom order turned out to be a pretty extensive job, but the result proves that is was truly worth it.

There has been lots of design work involved to meet his desires and the corporate appearance of the brand chopbar catering. So the interaction went on until both of us were convinced to start the actual reflective work on the frame.

This beach cruiser frame is yet another example that Happarel Bicycles work on all kinds of bikes and that we can find the right style for every ride.

We are excited how the final setup of the full bike will look like. Maybe we will be involved in the build-up as well, who knows. For now, this piece is enriching our portfolio of reflective makeovers that we once more almost did not want to give out of our hands anymore.



reflective makeover tattoo design, dots-to-lines, by Happarel Bicycles