Reel Voyagers – The Series

riding happarel reflective bicycleWe are in love with the arty work of Martin Mostert from 4bc productions who is responsible for most of our photos and videos. Fortunately he likewise is totally into our bikes. Our latest idea involves a series of videos that has basically only one setting: our kitchen equipped with a bike trainer. This will be the base of all six 1-minute-vids which we will release week by week from today. Our series which we call “Reel Voyagers” consists of 6 episodes: 6 different bikes, 6 different themes. Sounds boring? Only if you have no imagination. Well, we don’t want to spoil you already, but it is going to be… eh… sick!

It happens that in 6 weeks from now our beloved city will host the coolest bike fair we know: the Berliner Fahrradschau. More infos concerning the exhibition and the Berlin Bicycles Week will follow in another post soon. At the Fahrradschau the whole thing results – whoop, you might have guessed it – in the premiere of the full short film combining all 6 episodes. We are currently trying to get the Berlin based Electronica Crew Various Vegetables to provide for the music for our series. We are prepared to delight the bike crowd not only with our bicycleporn items, but also with a few minutes of great audiovisual pleasure.

Enough said, here is our first episode: