Reflective Cube, Ready for winter!

Fixie Freaks

Pretty often we are asked if we only make or upcycle Fixies and trendy urban bikes. One reason for that might be – we have to admit – that most of our visual material features those kinds of bikes and these are the bikes we are riding most of the time. Our Reflective Cube Hyde should be the perfect example of smashing that misconception!

Our Reflective Makeovers are, of course, for everybody and for all sorts of bicycles though. Our portfolio contains carbon racers, mountainbikes, kids bikes, cargo bikes, a wheelchair and hybrid cycles.

For our newest makeover, we laid our hands on a modern city bike from the popular bike brand Cube. This German manufacturer has been making bicycles since 1993. They have a whole range of great rides, including some legendary mountain bikes.

Reflective Cube Hyde

We replaced the black paint with an elaborate pattern of reflective shapes of which we took a few colored ones to funk up the already eye-catching design.

reflective Cube by happarel bicycles

cube hyde upcycled by happarel bicycles

We upgraded the hardware, too, by making it winter-proof with a dynamo hub-driven light system and a pair of matt black mudguards. We think it looks pretty.


We are totally flexible and refuse to tie ourselves to dogmatic cycling trends. Every (and we mean every) bicycle can be made reflective at our skilful hands. It’s about safety and that concerns every cyclist regardless of which bike they ride. We love to tackle frames and bicycles with unusual designs to push ourselves. The challenge is coming up with new solutions for urban cycling problems. If you’ve got an unusual frame for us to get our hands dirty with, send us a message and let’s collaborate!

Enjoy this example of a Reflective Makeover which, by the way, you can preorder for a bargain price as part of our kickstarter campaign which finishes this Saturday!