Reflective Spokesmen


30 reflective stripes of different lengths to wrap around your spokes. For crazy effects at night.



This product requires proper preparation of the spokes to achieve a good result!

Clean your spokes, free them of grease and dirt. If necessary, use fine sandpaper carefully to roughen the spoke surface a bit. Instructions and illustrations are on the inside of the packaging.

Place them the way you want to create stunning effects when they spin and they get hit by a light source.

Available in black, white, and 2 colour combinations.

Our reflective stickers are made for outdoor use and resist all weather conditions. They keep full reflective properties for a minimum of 7 years guaranteed. All stickers keep their original colour when they reflect, the black ones turn white. Subtle by day, effective at night.

Note: The stickers do not comply with §67 of the german StVZO. Check the according traffic regulations in your country.


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Black, Blue/Green/White, White, Yellow/Orange/Red


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