Support #Radentscheid!

As many many other Berliners we support the Team around the Initiative Volksentscheid Fahrrad. The past 3 months they developed an elaborate law for a cycle friendly and healthy turn in our current transportation policy. Less cars, more bikes, better safety on the roads, cleaner air, less stress, better quality of living.

Happarel Bicycles Volksentscheid reflective buttons

Reflective Buttons: 5€ for #Radentscheid!

We made Reflective Buttons that you can buy for a bargain of 5 Euro which get forwarded as a donation straight to the Initiative in order to support the important work they are doing.

Make a statement, show your support, be visible! All at once, wow!

We also made a whole bunch of other super nice Reflective Buttons with all kind of designs and funky colors.