Winter Cycling Clothes

Protect your vital functions

Yep ok, it has been pretty warm and we saw lilies, daisies and crocuses coming out of the soil, these unfortunate misguided fellows. But we know, winter will strike back!

For the cold days that are yet to come, cyclists need to keep their body parts warm when cruising the city, preferably without losing their sense of a fashionable appearance. Yes, we are speaking of neon jackets, yellow vests and other ugly things.

Luckily we bumped into the collection of czech cycle wear producers segrasegra that have a bunch of great looking and practical clothes. We got ourselves an awesome winter parka which won our hearts through its warm fleece on the inside, recycled tubes for stronger seams, reflective details and a cosy long cut to keep the thighs warm. We dig it. Check out their collection and if you find something, drop us a line and we might arrange to try it in our shop.

winter parka by segrasegra with happarel bicycle

segrasegra winter parka & happarel classic reflective bicycle

segrasegra elevator

navy parka, winter cap, and classic bike

We are also ready to release our new winter edition bike caps. We sourced finest fabrics with classic tweed patterns. They are thick enough to protect your precious brains from freezing, but they still look super classy. One can say that they remind of traditional “Schiebermützen“, flat caps, used by german lead workers in the Thirties.

Preorder Mr. ‘Watson‘ or Sir ‘Herringbone‘ by simply dropping us a line and get 10% discount if you do so until 10th January.

Tweed Cap Herringbone by Happarel BicyclesHerringbone Cycle Cap from the back, by Happarel bicycles